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Brand History

Asobu Creative Drinkware was created by the parent company Ad-N-Art, originally a family run business set up in 1998 they now have over 150 employees with offices in Montreal, New York and LA.  

The brand has over 16 years of experience in drinkware and the name means fun and happiness in Japanese and that ethos sits at the heart of their design process. Asobu have dedicated themselves to delivering products that are always innovative, outstanding quality and value for money. 

The Asobu brand now has a truly global reach and can be found in many of the leading retailers across the globe including Bed,Bath&Beyond, Urban Outfitters and Macys. The brand has been selected by these retailers due to their approach to design, something that is also highlighted by the awards they have collected in recent years.  

Why Asobu?

Asobu have many years of experience in the categories of hydration, health and fitness and bar. With this experience has come the ability to develop products of excellent quality at affordable prices. Due to this Asobu have become a global player in these categories, selling millions of products each year.  

The selection of materials used to achieve their creations are thoughtfully selected to manufacture eco-friendly, BPA-free and safe for use items that will hold up to the test of time, ensuring the customer is happy with their purchase use after use. They are so confident in their products that their stainless-steel range come with a Lifetime Warranty. 

Asobu understand that customers are attracted to products by their look and they then must deliver on quality to retain their customer, a testament to this they have millions of users worldwide. 

The portfolio of products in the range covers many material types and prices points providing retailers with a single brand solution and support this with POS and display units.

There can be little doubt that there is a lot of competition in the hydration category, we looked long and hard to find a brand that was right for the market and had a true point of difference. For us, Asobu delivers that on quality whether it be plastic, glass or stainless steel. The product value is excellent and you only have to hold the products to feel the quality. Not many brands put Lifetime Guarantees on products, you have to be confident in your quality to do so. The wide appeal of the brand is highlighted by the fact almost everyone in our office has an Asobu product, almost all of them different.