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Barista&Co began with a cup of ca phe sua. For those that don’t know, that’s a cup of iced coffee popular with the locals in Hanoi, Vietnam. While visiting this bustling city, James and Louise Gray became inspired by the effect that this great coffee had on those they saw around them, particularly how strangers could be brought together by a coffee that had been crafted by such simple tools.


It was then that the husband and wife team decided to bring this vision back home to the UK. So, with a shared vision, they made it their mission to create a community of people who shared the same belief – better coffee for all. In their mind, truly great coffee should be crafted by hand, simply and without any of the complex methods that were becoming increasingly popular in coffee circles around the world.


With this newfound passion and their experience working in the retail sector, James and Louise founded Barista&Co. In 2014, their first range of coffee-making tools and accessories hit the shelves of leading homeware retailers across the UK and laid the necessary foundations for their ethos – that products should not only perform well but be stylish too. Since then, Barista&Co has created coffee making products that invite anyone to be their own barista.


“To create a community who believe in better coffee for all.”


With this mission in mind, Barista&Co is dedicated to allowing everyone to create the perfect cup of coffee. Based on the South Coast of England gives the company the perfect location between forest and sea, summing up their belief that good coffee should be natural, authentic and full of life.


Barista&Co is a company that prides itself on making only the finest products. However, this doesn’t mean that they believe coffee should be an exclusive member’s club. On the contrary, they take inspiration from their customers so that they can give people a chance to enjoy a coffee experience that suits their lifestyle. That’s why part of their range includes products that can be used outdoors or on the go, allowing you to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee whenever the mood may strike.


These products give you much more than attractive aesthetics. Made with only the highest quality materials, every piece of equipment is ergonomic and innovative to create a much-needed balance between substance and style. To achieve this, the company makes sure to listen attentively to the feedback from their customers, making sure to always exceed customer expectations and never settling for second best.

Not only do the products by Barista&Co give you a chance to create great coffee in your own home, but they add an effortlessly stylish flair to the whole brewing experience. With ranges to suit both those new to brewing and the more seasoned barista, all products sum up their ethos that good coffee should always be available to everyone.