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At nixxee we are always looking for innovative and new products from around the globe. We take pride in the fact that we ask questions, lots of them, we really want to understand your brand and what you are trying to achieve. Once we know this we combine it with our local knowledge to develop a launch plan that is right for you. 

Whether you’re a UK company looking to grow in your home market or an international company looking to enter the UK, we would love to talk to you about what we can do to help.


Nixxee is the UK’s first edited distribution platform that will put your brand in in front of the right customers and provide access to thousands of potential retail outlets. We give you all the resources you need to make an informed decision on what is right for your brand and then set about making it happen.

Some key benefits:

  • A mixed model - choose the one that is right for you
  • Local knowledge – expert advice without the associated cost of a sales team
  • Dedicated Brand Ambassador – one point of contact who wants to know about your brand so they can spread the word
  • One retailer supply account – this is hugely beneficial for retailers and greatly increases the chance of your products being listed
  • The right customers – we work with most of the leading UK retailers both large and small, we will also guide you on who is right for you
  • Transparency – we share data so you can make informed decisions on what you need to do to grow in the market
  • Online sales – we can help you make the most of the online channel and guide you on content and best practice
  • We care - rest assured you are working with people that really understand the market and want your brand to succeed

If you're working on a specific project we can help with or want more information, please get in touch.