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It’s widely known that in Italy, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is because it is in the kitchen that cooking becomes a passion and where meals, prepared with love, bring families and friends together for hours on end. For that reason, Bialetti is proud to be found in nine of ten households.


Back in 1919, Alfonso Bialetti opened a workshop for aluminium products in Crusinallo, Omegna. It was almost 15 years later that the Moka Express was created, an invention that would forever change the way that coffee was prepared in the home. Since then, Bialetti has been dedicated to crafting innovations that advance the art of cooking and coffee brewing around the world.


Bialetti can thank ‘The Little Man with the Moustache’ who made Moka Express a household name throughout the world. Inspired by Alfonso’s son Renato Bialetti, this character became one of the main characters in Carosello, a well-known Italian TV show in the 1950’s. Soon, everyone wanted one of these elegant coffee makers in their home, and it became an icon of Italian industrial design.


There are now more than 150 Bialetti stores both in Italy and abroad, and it’s considered one of the leading companies in the production and sale of houseware products.


There’s a reason that Bialetti has become a leading brand not only in Italy but across the world and that’s because they create high-quality products that allow for simplicity, functionality and beauty in the home. All of this is done with Italian heritage and a passion for coffee in mind.


The group has three goals in mind; to be innovative, to create value and to satisfy our customers’ wishes. To achieve this, the Bialetti brand maintains respect for the tradition that has allowed them to grow since 1919. This expansion has brought about a wide range of coffee makers to suit any lifestyle, from the Brikka that allows for the creation of a creamy espresso to the Moka Induction that’s ideal for use on induction hobs. Alongside that, 2006 saw the debut of Bialetti’s electrical coffee machines including the unique Cuore – the only espresso machine with a hanging unit.


 Whether you’re a brewing newbie or you consider yourself an expert in all things coffee, Bialetti offers a wide range of products to suit all. Achieve stovetop excellence with the classic Moka Express or keep it simple with the Preziosa French press. In one way or another, all Bialetti products feature a l’Omino (the little man) which is now widely recognised as the brand’s original symbol of quality and authenticity. Even Bialetti’s accessories, from the coffee grinder to the scooping pitcher have the tiny moustachioed mascot.

With Bialetti’s products, you can transport yourself to the heart of Italy where you’ll be enjoying traditional coffee flavours in the comfort of your own home. With attractive collections that suit any interior, you can certainly tell that this is a company that is dedicated to making its range available to all that want to create great coffee quickly and simply.