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#ditchtheinstant 05/10/2017

Fill.Brew.Go – Barista&Co Brew It Stick Coffee Infuser

Barista&Co is about having passion for coffee and reinventing the coffee experience to suit your lifestyle. They work closely with customers for feedback and implement into the design of every product.  Introducing the Brew It Stick Coffee infuser! Innovative, uncomplicated and unpretentious , the new addition to brewing. This little but powerful product guides the instant coffee drinker away from their freeze dried and into the fresh and exciting world of real coffee. Ideal for those who are new to brewing, it sums up their ethos that better coffee should... Read More


Bialetti New Rainbow Range

Bialetti has been built on the Moka. With over 80 years of experience using and manufacturing this product there has to be a reason it has been so successful, right?  With its patented 8 side design and safety valve, to name a few functional advantages, the Moka also creates the base for many coffee’s; from your “simple” Espresso to a Flat White and Americano, this little bit of kit can take your taste buds on a trip.   Creating a twist on the classic Aluminium edition, Bialetti has brought out the new Rainbow range to add a little colour splash to your kitchen. With this new launch we have decided... Read More

See You at Pulse London – La Carafe

On Sunday 14th nixxee will be at the Pulse London trade show with La Carafe from France. The iconic French designed jug can already be found in leading museum and lifestyle stores such as Merci in Paris. The original glass design was first seen in French schools in the 1970’s and for those of that generation among the French it brings a smile to their faces. Most of us here at nixxee weren’t even born back then but we love the retro styling and see it as just as relevant... Read More

Annual Brand Sale

This year will be the first year of our annual brand sale. It’s our opportunity to give something back to loyal customers as we make way for the new products that we are introducing. Although we run promotional activity at various points through the year, this is our main sale of the year and offers will only be available for 48 hours per brand. It’s a great way to offer your customers leading brands at incredible prices. You can only access these great offers via our website so ensure you’re... Read More

The International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago – Part 1

The International Home and Housewares Show perfect for wholesalers, in Chicago is always a great opportunity to find products that may not have reached the shores of Europe just yet. Although all the major European brands can generally be found at the show we find it more interesting scoping out the brands from the US and outside of Europe. The US leads the way in a number of categories and health and hydration is definitely one of those. Since the rise of the Swell bottle every wholesaler has also jumped... Read More

Ambiente 2017 – The Nixxee Report

Ambiente The Show Ambiente is one of our favourite shows and not only does it gives us the opportunity to experience the German beer and traditional restaurants, it is the best place to see new products from around the world. This year was no different and we wanted to give you a quick low down on what’s coming from our brand partners. When we were at the Maison Objet show in January we met with a great young company from Turkey called Bornn and Ambiente provided us with the opportunity... Read More

SpeakRetail – What the Butler Saw

Tony Butler – Housewares Agent – South East How did you get into the housewares industry? It started out a good number of years ago when I started working for Debenhams on the store management training scheme. From there I moved on to Argos as part of the store opening team, that was a great learning curve in a short period of time. I’d also greatly enjoyed my time at Debenhams so when a new role offer came about I wanted to take on that challenge. The new role was... Read More

Barista&Co Gold – Selfridges Exclusive Launch

We are proud to say that Selfridges & Co London were the first to launch our Barista&Co Electric Gold launch. Selfridges has been voted the worlds best department store on numerous occasions and we tend to agree. The store itself is famed for stocking only the finest products from handbags and glad rags to exquisite jewellery and fine foods. At Barista&Co we were extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with such an important retailer and after seeing the products on display there is little doubt why they lead... Read More

What’s Your Proposition

Here at Hot Plate Products we are pleased to say that we have a real passion for retail and the way it is always evolving, it would be fair to say you don’t last long if you feel you don’t have to move with the times. It is sad but true that you only need to look at Woolworths to see how important it is to understand what your customer proposition is and how you stand out from the crowd. Whether you have a single shop or you are one... Read More

Get Healthy on Tea

The humble old (or fresh if you’re getting it right) tea leaf could just be the best way to keeping healthy. Obviously you will have to hold the full fat milk and the four sugars but with so many tasty variations you won’t need these. So what makes tea so special? Well few can disagree that sometimes a warm cup of char can’t be beaten but not only does tea provide a great way to increase your water intake, it is proving to have much wider health benefits. One of... Read More