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Your guide to infuser water bottles

Staying hydrated is important and whether you’re looking to lose weight or not it’s recommended that you drink at least eight glasses a day. However, many people struggle to drink enough h2o on a daily basis for the simple reason that they find it dull and boring. More often than not, they’ll see themselves reaching for a sugary can of coke instead. Luckily, infuser water bottles are here to provide you with an option that’s not only flavourful but healthy too.

What are infuser water bottles?

Infuser water bottles have been specifically designed so that you can infuse fresh fruit with water. Most have a separate chamber to store the fruit of your choice, allowing it to infuse and give your water a unique taste that’s not only 100% natural but full of vitamins and minerals.

You can use an infuser water bottle to create any type of flavoured water you want. There are plenty of recipes online, or you can just toss in your favourite fruit and drink.

How will an infuser water benefit me?

If you’re someone who struggles to reach their recommended water intake, then it’s definitely worth considering an infuser water bottle. Not only is it packed with flavour but it also provides you with a ton of health benefits. 

It will boost your metabolism

Infused water can encourage a fast metabolism, which is good news for those looking to lose weight. Active compounds found in fruit can help you to burn more calories throughout the day, especially if you opt for citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, oranges and kiwis.

Increases your energy levels

Instead of reaching for that energy drink, chop up your favourite fruit and add it to your water infuser and you’ll be rewarded with a burst of natural energy. It’s no wonder that fitness enthusiasts are often seen with an infuser water bottle.

Completely calorie free

Choosing to drink infused water means you’ll be spending less of your day counting calories or reading the nutritional information of fruit drinks and smoothies you’d find in the supermarket.

Saves time and effort

With an infuser water bottle, all you need to do to achieve a fresh, tasty drink is chop up some fruit, add it to your bottle, and off you go. This saves a lot of time that you may be spending on fresh, blended smoothies as well as any money you’d likely spend on this kind of equipment. 

Easy to store

Once you’ve infused your water, you can easily store it in the fridge for up to a week without any of the flavour disappearing. Most infused fruit is good for around 3 to 4 days as long as you remove the rind. Infuser bottles also tend to be lightweight, are resistant to leakage and are easy to carry around. 

What features should I consider when buying an infuser water bottle?

With so many on the market, it can be confusing to know where to start in your search for the perfect infuser water bottle. For that reason, here are some features you might want to keep in mind. 

Dishwasher safe

Make your life a little easier by choosing an infuser bottle that you can pop in the dishwasher to be washed rather than you doing it by hand. 

BPA free

It’s advised that you look for a bottle without BPA, a chemical used in the industrial production of reusable water bottles that can lead to a risk of health issues.


If you’re carrying your water bottle around all day, you’ll want something that won’t weigh you down. Kids can also benefit from something sturdy and light that they can fit in their backpacks.


Some people like to make a statement at the gym and if you’re one of those people then why not try matching your infuser water bottle to your training shoes? Go a step further and match the fruit too