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Got milk? Your guide to milk frothing jugs

Perhaps you’ve always drunk your coffee with milk, or maybe you’re just bored of drinking straight espressos every day. Either way, foaming your milk will elevate your coffee drinking experience, as well as adding a fun element to your brewing process.

Steamed or “frothy” milk is milk that has been exposed to high-pressure steam from an espresso machine. When you introduce steam gradually into milk, the liquid’s natural fats will expand to create a ‘micro-foam’ layer of small milk bubbles. The result is a smooth, silky liquid that’s perfect for espresso-based drinks.

What type of jug should you go for?

A milk frothing jug is an essential bit of kit if you want to create the perfect barista coffee. Ideally, you’ll use these alongside a thermometer, so you know you’re reaching the right temperature. 

As you can imagine, milk frothing jugs come in various sizes, and the size that you go for will depend on how much milk you want to froth at one time. If you’re buying for the home, for example, you’ll probably want to go for a 330ml jug. 

Milk frothing jugs are also manufactured from a range of materials, the most popular being stainless steel. This is because stainless steel can resist heat better than other metals, nor will it flavour the milk in any way. Aside from that, they’re easy to clean and look great in most kitchens.

Recipes that call for frothy milk

Now that you’ve perfected your frothy milk technique, here are some of our favourite recipes that you might want to try.


Every coffee fan has probably had a latte at one point in their life. Perhaps it’s even your favourite hot beverage. It’s a large quantity of milk paired with a small quantity of coffee topped with a whisper of foam.

Café au lait

This is essentially a French version of a latte. It is made with steamed milk and double strength coffee, poured in a 50:50 ratio. This recipe doesn’t tend to call for foam, which is great news if you haven’t perfected your technique yet.


Chocolate-lovers rejoice. A mocha is made from chocolate syrup and two shots of espresso, giving it a quick stir before adding some of your lightly foamed milk on top. If you want to be decadent, polish it off with some whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.


The cappuccino is the perfect pairing of coffee and milk. That is when it’s done right. It’s one shot of espresso, one shot of milk, and the rest foam. With a cappuccino, everything is balanced, and the foamy milk will add texture to each mouthful. 

Espresso Macchiato

Take the edge of an espresso with a little milk, and you’ve got yourself a macchiato. Here’s a fact...macchiato actually translates to “marked” because a dollop of foam marks the surface of the espresso.