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Wholesale for Coffee Shops and Hotels


At nixxee we understand the importance of creating an environment that your customers not only want to visit but come back to time and time again. We want to do our piece to help by offering products that provide quality and style in equal measure, much more than run of the mill. If you're working on a specific project we can help with or want more information, please get in touch.


Our selected brands offer tabletop, coffee and tea products that are ideal for use in room or in the wider catering environment across the hotel. All products offer durability and we are able to offer bespoke ranges from brands such as Bornn. We tend to work with smaller boutique hotels however we are also well versed in servicing larger operators.


Robust and style don't always go hand in hand but this is something we expect from the products that we offer to our restaurant customers. When it comes to the end of a great meal there's no better way to finish off with a tea or coffee while the conversation flows.  Whether it's a beautifully presented coffee press or the plate that the meal comes on, we want your customers to feel special while they're with you.  


This is an area we know well and our tea and coffee brands can be found in leading outlets across the globe. The Rivers Wallmug sold over 1.5 million units in Japan alone and is the perfect takeaway cup and will help the environment too. As well as using our products to serve many of our customers also retail our products offering a great way to enhance the customer experience while increasing the spend. Don't forget to ask us about customisation options. 


Our product portfolio is applicable to all types of catering as ultimately our customers are all looking for style, quality and exceptional service. No matter what you do or how big or small your business is, one of our dedicated team is here to help with any catering customers. We currently supply everyone from event caterers to members clubs and will take the time to find out what is right for your business.

If you're working on a specific project we can help with or want more information, please get in touch.