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At one time, back before it was christened Rivers, the company imported and exported products that ranged from household goods to heavy machinery. It wasn’t until the company’s founders stumbled upon a beautiful and functional “Wallmug” tumbler that they were struck with the inspiration that brought about their current brand.  


From their base in Tokyo, Rivers Drinkware epitomises the Japanese design philosophy of combining understated quality with simple, effective functionality. The company was established back in 2000 by two people with the same ideas in mind – “To propose new lifestyles and culture to people, and create new things that people will use with affection in their daily lives.” Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, creating products that aren’t only unique in appearance, but unique in the way that they function too.


With coffee shop owners under mounting pressure to do more to decrease the number of disposable coffee cups ending up on landfill sites, manufacturing companies are experimenting with ways that they can help too.  Rivers Drinkware is one of them, by creating sustainable, durable and versatile vessels that can be reused again and again.


Whether it’s coffee, tea or cold brew, Rivers creates products for both hot and cold beverages from coffee presses that don’t require a filter (reducing waste) to slim and lightweight water bottles that won’t take up much space in your bag. Each product is recyclable and therefore a perfect environmentally friendly alternative to your regular paper and plastic coffee cups.


Of course, for something to be this long-lasting and efficient, it needs to be manufactured with the best quality materials. Rivers Drinkware utilises silicone to create tumblers that are lightweight, double-walled for heat protection and easy-to-use with two types of lid. What’s more, they won’t break even when they’re dropped.


Several of Rivers’ products have been picked up in cafés all over the world, and the brand continues to proliferate Japan’s coffee culture.

Rivers Drinkware has created a range of functional products that are quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen so take your reusable tumbler into your favourite coffee shop and we guarantee you’ll spark a conversation. Plus, as well as looking stylish, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet by supporting the latte levy and reducing landfill waste. A win-win situation!