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Where would we be without tea? Well, we certainly wouldn’t have VIVA Scandinavia, a company that’s dedicated to a tradition that’s spanned thousands of years. VIVA knows that nothing competes with the renowned health benefits of tea, and it’s a company that’s on a mission to prove them to you, reigning in a new era for this ever-popular beverage.


While adhering firmly to the Nordic design principle of form following function, VIVA has created a range of products manufactured using glass, cork, silicone and porcelain so that you can enjoy your favourite blend not only efficiently, but elegantly too. Each product is hand-made by skilled artisans using carefully selected materials so that they’ll come to you in a beautiful condition that’s guaranteed to last.


However, good design doesn’t mean that functionality is compromised. On the contrary, the VIVA collection works to maximise your tea’s infusion for better taste, colour and aroma by using innovative filters, double-walled glass and non-drip pouring mechanisms working together to improve your overall experience. 


Just as tea-drinkers make a statement with their lifestyle, each of VIVA’s collections does the same. From their porcelain Anytime cups to their Japanese-inspired tea sets, anyone from the casual tea drinker to the tea leaf connoisseur will marvel at the attention to detail in each design.


Tea may be the number one beverage on the planet but a worrying increase of over-sweetened and over-caffeinated beverages available on the market today means that consumers are looking for ways that they can enjoy tea in a new, fresh and original way. Luckily, VIVA is here to help with offices throughout the world spreading an awareness of the age-old benefits of drinking a hot cup of tea.


From their design studios in Copenhagen to major department stores, boutique retailers and even the smallest neighbourhood shops, VIVA’s aim is to ‘spell global with a T’ and bring back the values that truly matter. That’s why VIVA Scandinavia is not only about the product. No beverage provides us with quite the same health benefits as tea, whether your choice is black tea, green tea or oolong tea and whether you choose loose leaf or tea bags.

There’s no doubt that VIVA Scandinavia products are pieces that inspire conversation. Each piece in their range has been created to enhance your tea drinking experience from the way that it tastes, to the way that it looks. Once you brew a pot of tea with VIVA, you’ll never think about your favourite hot beverage in the same way again.